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法國AS建筑工作室剛剛贏得了摩洛哥本杰里爾(Benguérir) 大學項目競賽。新的大學校園將接納超過4000名來自本杰里爾市穆罕默德第六大學的大學生。

Architecture Studio has just won the university project competition in Benguérir, Morocco. The new campus will accommodate more than 4000 students from the University ofMohammed VI in Benguérir. 



Located in Benguérir, Morocco, Mohammed VI University, which connects the major cities of Morocco, is in a critical period of strategic development. The city stands in a semi-desert region and the site is surrounded by a large area of farmland and forest. The integration of urban and natural landscape provides direction and keytone for the design.

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基于都市生態多樣性的理念,我們在設計中既保留了當地建筑風格,又充分考慮了周邊環境因素, 強調景觀和綠色植被空間,同時提倡人與自然的融合與親近, 以打造一個圍繞自然而建的理想迷你城市。
Based on the concept of ecologically diversified city, our design retained the local architectural style, taking full consideration of environmental factors, emphasizing the value of landscape and green vegetation space, and advocating the integration and intimacy between human and nature, to create an ideal mini-city around nature. 

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The public facilities of the campus are arranged around a large multifunctional plaza, including a Mosque, a Sports Center, a Teaching & Administration Center, a canteen, stores and student apartment building. According to different season, the plaza can meet different demands and be used as garden, stadium or fountain. 

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The facade of the student apartment building is simple and elegant, respecting local architectural style and colors, opens to the outside world but also keeps personal privacy. The volume is mainly square or rectangular, and the height varies from two to five floors. They are well-arranged distributed.

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The principal building materials are natural and durable, while the selection of colors is inspired by Morocco’s native culture, mainly in orange, brown and beige. The diversity of building materials and the three-dimensional effect of the building reflect the new interpretation of local architecture in the contemporary context.

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The campus of University of Mohammed VI is designed to realize a green city which is beneficial to people’s health development. After the completion of the projet, except for the university students, the citizens around the university and tourists can also enjoy theafforestation result. What’s more, the campus will serve as a hub connecting the surrounding areas of the city of Benguérir and become an important landmark in Morocco.



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