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Research & Development

Research & Development

At VOL, we believe our expertise in chemicals can impact people’s lives for the better. We have made it our mission to enhance value for our clients by offering innovative products and services.

We started our journey with a single product, and successfully integrated ourselves with other processes. Today, we are a leading manufacturer of four key products. We have focused on achieving higher standards of purity; and are continuously investing in research to modify the use of catalysts, equipment, processes and operating parameters.

Global benchmark for the highest purity standards

  • ATBS product has successfully achieved a high purity standard with a purity tolerance of ~0.5%, as against an accepted global tolerance level of ~3%
  • IBB product achieved a 99.7% purity standard, which is among the highest in the world
  • IB product achieved a 99.85% purity standard, which is among the highest in the world
  • HP-MTBE product achieved a purity standard of 99.97%, generally accepted as one of the highest in the world

We continue to invest in technologies that can minimise the impact of climate change, and focus on 'green chemistry' to help bring sustainable difference.

R&D Initiatives & Achievements

The R&D unit is engaged in the development of alternate products and attaining better production efficiencies. At our Mahad centre, experienced scientists work to recover pure NBB. At Lote, we manufacture Tertiary Butyl Acrylamide and recover ATFE Bottom Polymers.

Our R&D unit thus provides a strong base for innovations in new products and process development, quality, safety standards and environmental protection.